Taninoplastia: natural treatment to straighten your hair


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This is a treatment to straighten your hair, and is very fashionable, totally revolutionary and keeps your hair straight for about three months including those hair more unruly curls.

Why it is revolutionary?
Because it is a 100% natural process and using vegetable tannin so our hair will look healthier and shinier than other methods that use chemicals. Besides being totally natural, we avoid irritations or allergies and can use it with any type of hair. From greasier hair to driest; nothing resists this treatment.

The process takes a minimum of 3 hours, depending on the amount of hair, and is mainly applied strand by strand tannin, let it sit for a while in our hair and activated by water and hair iron.

In Blow Dry Bar, we are committed to natural and organic products, those which don’t harm the environment and are less harmful to our hair. Taninoplastia is a treatment that we advise to our customers.

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